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Learn about human trafficking in our area.
Thursday, September 21 at 7 pm at Royersford Baptist Church

Film: The Long Night and panel of experts
Co-sponsors: Royersford Baptist Church and

the Montgomery County Anti-human Trafficking Coalition (MCAT)


Modern-day slavery (human trafficking) is taking place today in our state and county as well as around the world. Human trafficking in Montgomery, Chester and Bucks Counties is taking various forms of forced or abusive labor and coerced prostitution. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center places Pennsylvania among the top dozen states reporting human trafficking. In 2016 a total of 151 human trafficking cases were identified in PA. Our location between New York and Washington, D.C., our area’s commerce and its concentration of hotels/motels make Montgomery County a prime trafficking location in the state. In addition, children and youth are increasingly being snared by traffickers through the internet and social media. May God help us to make a difference through education and prayer! 

Royersford Baptist Church and the Montgomery County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition (MCAT) will host a public event at 7 pm, Thursday, September 21 to provide information to our community. The event will include The Long Night, a film documentary tracing the experience of two young women from Seattle who were victims of human trafficking. After the film, a guest panel will give information and answer questions about human trafficking in our state and county. The panel will include 2 area police who are certified human trafficking investigators, a member of the FBI, representatives of 2 local shelters for trafficking survivors and a representative of the Montgomery County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition (MCAT).