Where you are always welcome!

O give thanks to the Lord, call on God's name, make known God's deeds among the peoples. Sing to the Lord, sing praises to God, tell of all God's wonderful works.

                      1 Chronicles 16:8-9



Share a story of how you have seen God at work in the world!

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is filled with stories of how God moves and acts in the lives of ordinary human beings.  The amazing story of God’s constant acts of love and grace and forgiveness is our story. 

When we read the parables of Jesus, we find that they are about real, ordinary folks-- a farmer sowing seed, a woman making bread, a merchant looking for pearls. All of us--men and women, day workers and entrepreneurs, those out in the field and those on the home front--are witnesses to God's ongoing work in the world. That means we have stories to tell of God at work in today’s world.  And our stories can encourage and strengthen others.  They can build faith.  They will surely honor the God we love and serve.


Each week in worship, is an opportunity to tell one of those stories.   

If you want to stand up in worship for about 3 minutes (or less) and share a way you have seen God working in the world recently, let us know! If you’d rather write out your story, or make a video, you can do that too!  We’ll find a way to use it—on the web, in worship, as a bulletin insert.  To paraphrase the hymn, “Tell us a story of Jesus!”