you  are  welcome  at  our  Monthly  prayer  gatherings

March 2017 Gathering:  

Interested in learning more about "Praying in Color" in some of its many different forms?

Join us Thursday night, March 23,

from 7-8 pm in the RBC Parlor

You don't have to be artistic to enjoy this form of communing with God!

We gather in the RBC Parlor from 7-8 pm on the fourthThursday of each month  to learn and to pray.

January 2017 Gathering:  

Begin a new year by learning more about Lectio Divina and practicing this ancient prayer form!  

Join us Thursday night, January 26,

from 7-8 pm in the RBC Parlor

February 2017 Gathering:  

Enter into the quiet reflection of 

Centering Prayer. Learn a bit about it and practice this ancient prayer form.  

Join us Thursday night, February 23,

from 7-8 pm in the RBC Parlor

April 2017 Gathering:  

Tonight's gathering will be led by

George Reitnour, a gifted poet. 

Join us Thursday night, April 27, 

from 7-8 pm in the RBC Parlor

Where you are always welcome!