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  Consider these reasons to use this tool for God's glory,,,

 You can follow the Spirit's promptings promptly

One time gifts online allow you to respond to a special need

as soon as you know that God wants you to give.


 Deciding on regularly scheduled monthly giving is a step of faith. 

By signing up to give to RBC Ministries monthly, you are deciding in advance to give.

Your gifts are based on loving trust in God, not on fluctuating human circumstances.


 You simplify your life  .

Using automatic online giving, you won´t need to remember if you've already given this month or if you need to send your tithe or offering in by mail, when you´re away.


 You are helping the church plan wisely.

Knowing in advance when gifts are coming in to the ministries

allows us to plan more effectively for meeting regular needs.


You can focus on God during the offering time in worship.

During the worship service you will not need  to stop and count money, write a check,

or complete a tithe/offering envelope. You can focus on offering yourself to the Lord.

If credit card debt is something you are struggling with,

please do not use the credit card option for online giving! 

We do not want you to go further in to debt to support these ministries.

May God bless you for your generosity, obedience, and support of the work we are doing together

to make sure everyone we know knows the good news of Jesus Christ.

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We appreciate your financial gifts, but please remember that you can give to God in many ways!!

“Follow Me,” Jesus simply but powerfully commanded of the Apostles and they did. That call is made to us as well on this day and in this time. How do we follow Jesus? We try to live our lives as he did – the example of the perfect steward. Stewardship is discipleship.  It is the care and use of all that we have been given by God and is often explained in terms of talent, treasure and time.

Talent: Talents are found in your personality, your interests and in your skills. Those who love interacting with people, love to talk and love to be with groups have incredible talents to assist with evangelization. Those who are skilled in trades or have professional abilities are gifted with talents that can support not only a church, but also charitable works throughout the community. Your skills and knowledge can be put to curing many ills in our society. Your use of talent for the work of God is one of the most personally fulfilling opportunities of your lifetime. Payment in a smile, in relief of suffering or in lending a hand to someone in desperate need is greater than any material payment you will ever receive.

Time:  The gift of time is just that – a gift. None of us know exactly how much time we have been granted on this earth. In the time that we have, we are asked to use that time effectively by continuing the mission of Jesus Christ throughout our days.  Sleep is essential in considering the body as a temple. In addition to sleep, doing what we can to keep our bodies healthy and strong helps us lead productive lives on behalf of God. At work, our professions should help develop a better world – in some way – while how we work should better us personally in many ways. Your interaction with colleagues, customers, employees, employers and others should be conducted in the spirit of the second of God’s great commandments “love thy neighbor as we love ourselves.”. Family time is also important and a major part of that is faith formation. Both at church and at home, we are responsible for handing on the faith to future generations. How we interact with people in front of children teaches valuable lessons on how to live. Our participation at worship and in ministries also is a precious use of our time if we wish to lead a Christ-centered life.


Treasure:  Treasure is a gift and also a burden. We become consumed with material goods. Yet, life can be lived very simply if we choose. It is not wrong to enjoy many of the amazing luxuries life has to offer. However, justice requires us to consider the needs of others as we enjoy the gifts we have been given. To some, food and housing has become a luxury they are unable to obtain. Our use of treasure to support the charitable works of the church helps to bring justice and equity to the world. Charity is not a tax. It should be given freely because we understand and believe in the end result of our giving of financial support to any ministry. Treasure is measured not only in what we give to the church but also in what we provide to other charitable efforts in our community. The biblical tithe or 10% for God’s work includes all of your charitable giving. In light of this, many people are very generous and should feel good about what they do.

 Talent, Time, Treasure...What should YOU give? There is no one answer, but we should all give according to what we have been given. Rather than gifts of equal size, gifts should be based on equal sacrifice. For example, those who earn minimum wage will find it difficult to provide even basic living needs for themselves and for their family. This financial responsibility is a priority but it may still be possible to be a good steward in terms of time and talent. For many others, it is very possible to make a financial gift. A gift that is truly a sacrifice is a gift out of our need, not just our excess. Only you and God know what is fair but one way to know when you are making the right gift is when you stop making excuses for its size and stop trying to rationalize why it is enough. If credit card debt is something you are struggling with, please do not use the credit card option for online giving!  We do not want you to go further in to debt to support these ministries.