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           I can not express enough how excited I am about how things have been going within our Youth Ministry.  Our group continues to grow in not only numbers but in excitement, in faith, and in community with one another.  Community is a key component to what we focus on as a group. I tell the youth and their parents all the time that we are striving to make kindness, love and respect the norm in a world where that is often not the case.  We look to make it a safe space to be who you are and accept one another, where support and encouragement can be found. That being said, not every day is perfect and we are all human, and we have our setbacks, but the growth I have seen in these kids over the past few months towards those values speaks to the magnitude of how God is working in our teenager/pre-teen’s lives.  

    One of the exciting ways our youth have spent time in community and devotion is through a Spring Retreat to Camp Ichthus.  Now we don’t normally do a Spring retreat as a youth group, normally just a Fall or Winter retreat. But this year we decided to also do a weekend away during the Spring to keep up the positive momentum we have going.  Now I knew we were in for a great week when I ran into the first hurdle of having more kids signed up, than I had space in our vehicles. This is a good problem to have as a youth director, and one I hope to continue to have as we build off of this great group of kids we have.  So, here we are traveling up to the camp in our fresh and stylish fifteen passenger van (that we rented for the weekend), blasting music and just having a good ol time, not knowing the impact this weekend might have.

    The theme of our weekend was called “RISE”.  The idea that by setting Christ as the foundation for our lives, we can build up, stand out, make a difference and serve in love. The speaker for the weekend, Kyle Robbins, a former Eastern University grad, really brought this message to the kids in a way that they could respond to.  Through some of our small group time during the weekend, I could really tell the kids were digesting this topic, and as we youth leaders like to say, “the seeds are being planted.”

    We also spent time in worship together, as well as some crazy games and activities.  But some of the most valuable time of fellowship came during meals and free time. I personally got to know our kids better, and I could see many friendships being strengthened during the weekend as well.  We grew as a group, we grew in community, and support to one another. For that weekend, kindness, love and respect was acting as the norm without the pressure of the world telling us otherwise. I soaked in every moment of our drive back home in our fifteen passenger van, as we not only listened to worship music, but sang loud and proud the words to those songs, and the kids were discussing with me all their excitement and ideas for more we can do as a group.  

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"You got me when I was an unformed youth, God, and taught me everything I know. Now, I'm telling the world your wonders"                                     Psalm 71:17